Land of the clear waters

Minnesota /Mni-so-ta/ - Native Dakota Sioux Language

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Join us for a weekend conference with speakers David and Bonnie Straight. This is a Level One session for those interested in becoming a American State National.

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About Us

The Republic of Minnesota exists to give support, education, community and clarity to the people of our great nation state who seek to live out their God-given unalienable rights in line with the Constitution of The United States of America.  

We recognize that every man, woman and child is created in the image of God, and has been given authority and dominion over the land, the air, and the water.  

God gave each individual complete sovereignty over his own will and actions, and the autonomy to chart a completely free and unique course of his own making.

There is an eternal moral and righteous code given to us by our Creator to ensure the best possible interaction between individuals, families and communities.  

We believe that The United States of America was established as a framework to uphold these dual purposes of righteousness and freedom, and that much painstaking care was taken by our Founding Fathers to protect against the attacks on these values.

It is with the fear of the Lord, loyalty to our country, honor for the noble sacrifices of those gone before us, and love for the rich heritage of our nation state of Minnesota that we endeavor to live according to the righteousness of God and protect the freedoms granted by Him.  

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239 Hanover, MN 55341

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